MOSFED extends a hand to those who prefer furniture and design departments

As Turkey’s furniture industry expands its global presence and experiences ongoing growth through successful export endeavors, Furniture Associations Federation MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç reached out to young individuals following the announcement of university exam results. He stated, “Our sector is conducive to employment, hence, we can offer internships and job prospects to students opting for both furniture and design disciplines.”

The YKS results, awaited by over 3.5 million students aspiring to attend their desired universities, have been released. As students and families contemplate their preferred departments and universities, prominent industry figures also advise on suitable university departments. In Turkey, a nation globally renowned for its comprehensive production across all furniture categories, industry representatives advocate for students to consider this field. Ahmet Güleç, Chairman of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), expressed, “We aim to prevent any post-graduation unemployment or lengthy job searches for students. Our sector continually invests in new ventures, expands its business scope, and seeks new employees. Additionally, internship opportunities are extended to university students. We prioritize students opting for both furniture and design departments to foster self-improvement opportunities for all.”

Güleç emphasized the increasing demand for not only skilled personnel but also a competent workforce across all sectors. He highlighted the evolving nature of the global furniture industry, driven by advancements in technology and evolving consumer preferences, necessitating professionals from diverse backgrounds. Güleç remarked, “Our industry is undergoing constant transformation, mirroring shifts in people’s lifestyles, emotions, and technological advancements. To remain relevant, we must adapt to these changes and continually enhance our skills. While traditional furniture craftsmen were once sufficient, we now require qualified professionals from various disciplines such as design, fashion, sociology, and psychology. Our employment landscape has expanded, offering opportunities beyond traditional roles. However, our primary need lies in graduates from furniture and design programs who can integrate these diverse perspectives to achieve optimal outcomes. Therefore, we encourage young individuals to consider pursuing studies in furniture and design. Rest assured, we are committed to providing internship and employment opportunities when the time comes.”