Heartmade Furniture

What is Heartmade?

We started from our story…

Each triumph comes with its own narrative, and the furniture industry is no exception. We possess a tale that has been woven over centuries, intricately crafted from our ancient Anatolian culture and legacy.

This rich cultural heritage serves as our most valuable asset in production, design, and conceptualization. We boast a distinctive mosaic of diverse cultures spanning two millennia. Various furniture styles, unique daily practices, diverse cultures, and a plethora of innovations gifted to the world, such as the culture of sofas, divans, and beyond, all stem from these lands.

These myriad distinctions form the foundation for success. We have amalgamated these diverse elements to birth the Heartmade brand.

‘Heartmade’, which we produce with/from the heart…

What do we aim with this brand?

Turkish furniture embodies more than mere pieces; it represents a living environment, family gatherings, the tranquil corner of one’s abode, or the cherished spot for savoring tea at a favorite café. Across centuries of craftsmanship in our lands, we understand that our furniture not only enhances living spaces but also bears witness to the lives within them. This intrinsic connection renders Turkish furniture truly unique on a global scale.

The Heartmade narrative draws inspiration from the Turkish people, renowned for their heartfelt dedication to their craft. As a nation, we imbue our work with passion, commitment, and a willingness to sacrifice—it’s ingrained in our DNA. Our emotional depth is unparalleled; when we undertake a task with love, it surpasses any competition worldwide.

To bridge Turkish furniture, crafted with soulful dedication, with the global stage, we’ve embraced a digital perspective. Under the banner of Heartmade, we’ve established a digital platform, heartmadefurniture.com, leveraging cutting-edge technology, design, and marketing advancements. This platform serves as more than just a website; it’s a dynamic space where stakeholders across our industry converge. Here, we provide a stage for our members to showcase themselves optimally, aiming to introduce the world to the Turkish furniture crafted with our hearts.

Heartmade Furniture transcends being a mere website; it’s a digital hub where all stakeholders in the Turkish furniture industry unite on a singular platform. For our members, this platform offers educational content, guidance, and encouragement for fair competition while accentuating originality. Furthermore, it grants them the opportunity to articulate their companies, brands, employees, products, concepts, philosophies, and values.

Through this initiative, our objective is for Turkish furniture to gain global recognition and acceptance, propelled by the quality of content and the digital prowess of our platform.


Whether you’re a prominent furniture manufacturer, an artisan crafting original pieces in your workshop, or a business facilitating furniture delivery to end-users, we aim to feature the offerings of all sector stakeholders dedicated to Turkish furniture on this platform.

Marketing companies and brands can market their products on this platform;

  •       Technologies and technical specifications,
  •       Style and styles
  •       Space fictions
  •       Story of the product or brand
  •       Whilst he was emphasising with his promises,

They will be able to emphasise their product, place and holistic spatial language features. 365 days, 7/24, they will be able to reach their potential customers abroad.



 Turkish furniture search engine; heartmadefurniture.com

Through this digital platform, Turkish furniture will be accessible to decision-makers and purchasing organizations conducting local and global procurement from around the world.

While end-users navigate through thousands of products in search of the right one, we aim to provide them with the ability to quickly assess their options based on style, design, technology, features, holistic perspective, and individual and collective product families. Therefore, we are striving to ensure that our digital platform, with its entire interface and stance, comprehensively embodies this perspective.

www.heartmadefurniture.com, by combining technology, strategy, and design to meet needs and offer benefits, will become the most significant dynamic face of the Turkish furniture sector’s competitive and creative power.