Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Since its inception in 2014 as the ‘Roof Organization’ of the furniture sector, MOSFED, the Federation of Furniture Associations, has evolved into a robust organization by embracing the associations within the sector. Today, our Federation, which gathers a wide production and sales network from north to south, west to east of Turkey under a single roof, operates as the voice of more than 45 thousand manufacturers and 50 thousand stores with 15 associations that are members.

As MOSFED, our aim is to unite the furniture sector without considering sub-sectors or areas of expertise, while striving to make our industry known in global trade through the changes and developments it undergoes. Our furniture sector, one of the locomotive branches of the Turkish economy and consistently generating a trade surplus since 2003, contributes to the increase in export volume steadily through investments in production, design, and employment.

The Turkish furniture industry, being among the four nations globally capable of manufacturing across all furniture categories, is steadfastly crafting its success narrative, striving relentlessly towards the ambition of ranking among the world’s top five manufacturers. Our principal areas of focus encompass research and development, innovation, data compilation and dissemination, vigilant monitoring of global advancements, and the implementation of theoretical and practical endeavors aimed at establishing Turkey as a significant hub in the furniture realm. Numerous initiatives and endeavors are undertaken within this framework, with the Istanbul Furniture Fair standing out among them.


Through the International Istanbul Furniture Fair, an esteemed global gathering that continually sets new benchmarks, we afford domestic producers the opportunity to expand their horizons internationally, while concurrently facilitating the forging of new partnerships for our producers by their participation in prominent international exhibitions.


Despite recent challenges, our furniture sector has escalated its production value to $12 billion, with exports surging from $400 million to $4.7 billion over two decades. As the overarching body of the sector, which exports nearly half of its output, we persistently pursue our endeavours aligned with the 2028 Export Promotion and Marketing Vision. With its abundant expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, unwavering drive, and escalating standards in product and design quality, our sector possesses the capacity to surpass the $12 billion export target set for 2028. Continually amplifying its export figures, the furniture industry will persist in augmenting investments in production and employment, maintaining its momentum unabated.

Ahmet Güleç
MOSFED Chairman of the Board