MOSFED aims to carry out its activities by addressing the problems of the sector from a wide framework. In this context, the areas that are given priority in the works are:

1. Research and Reporting Activities

Different reports and research studies are carried out to escalate sectoral problems to higher authorities and solve them. Sectoral situation analysis, competitor analysis, production analysis, foreign market analysis, export-oriented growth analysis, product-based studies, and studies covering sub-sectors are carried out within this scope.

2. National and International Congress and Fair Activities

It organizes an International Furniture Fair and Congress once a year consisting of national and international participants in accordance with the needs of the sector.

3. Promotion and Public Relations Activities

Meeting are carried through with the press regularly.

Regarding research and publication activities, it organizes introduction and discussion meetings with important and influential columnists, before sharing the prepared reports to the public.

4. Panel and Meeting Activities

 It executes the expectations of regions, cities, and even districts in the sector by organizing meetings and panel organizations enabling the furniture industry to be discussed throughout Turkey.

5.Cooperation Activities with the University

By signing protocols with some universities, encourages students to apply to furniture-related departments, and contributes to the training of qualified workforce with the internship opportunity to be offered. Besides, it provides career planning support for the students.

6. Project Development Activities

It carries out the application process for invited projects supported by national and international institutions. In this context, it follows Ur-Ge projects, clustering supports, Development Agency supports, European Union, and other international project opportunities and makes applications on behalf of the Federation.

7. National and International Accreditation Activities

It carries out applications to the necessary authorities and coordination activities for the presentation of the Federation in the international and national arena.

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