Furniture sector is uniting under the roof of ‘Heartmade Furniture’

The Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED) persists in its sustainable efforts to bolster the advancement of the Turkish furniture sector. Spearheading the creation of a digital platform under the brand Heartmade Furniture (, MOSFED has adopted a digital approach to unite the sector with the global market, aiming to maintain the sector’s allure throughout the year, making it accessible and marketable. This platform, equipped with a marketing algorithm that prioritizes fair competition and utilizes Trend Artificial Intelligence to highlight originality, is envisioned to evolve into a hallmark in the future. Scheduled for launch in January 2023, this platform will serve as a digital marketplace where Technology, Design, and Marketing converge with practicality, delivering top-tier presentations.

Led by the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), a digital platform named Heartmade Furniture ( was established to foster a digital perspective, connecting Turkish furniture with the global market. This platform, designed to encapsulate the essence, vision, and national identity of Turkish furniture into a cohesive ecosystem on an international stage, aims to maintain the sector’s allure throughout the year, ensuring accessibility and marketability. Equipped with a marketing algorithm rooted in fair competition and driven by Trend Artificial Intelligence to spotlight originality, the platform will elevate each brand’s visibility in the global market with its distinctive character, facilitated by its Interactive Map Engine. Offering various functional features such as Multi-Language Option, Interactive Product and Catalogue Pool, Project and News Flow Management, Fair Planning, and Technical Design Tools, this platform serves as a digital marketplace where Technology, Design, and Marketing converge and are presented at the highest caliber. A key objective of the platform is to evolve into the most intelligent search engine in the Turkish Furniture industry.

“Every success has a story”

Delving into details about the platform, MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç emphasized that behind every achievement lies a narrative, highlighting the rich history of success within the furniture industry. Güleç remarked, “We possess a narrative that has been intricately woven over centuries, shaped by our ancient Anatolian culture and heritage. This cultural reservoir and legacy stand as our paramount asset in production, design, and conceptualization. Embedded within are the intricate layers of diverse cultures spanning two millennia. Varied furniture styles, distinct daily customs, and myriad cultural nuances, including traditions like the sofa and divan cultures, have been bequeathed to the world from these lands. The foundation of this initiative we present today serves as a platform for our producers to exhibit more prominently, effectively, and profoundly on the global stage, encapsulating this wealth of knowledge and cultural heritage.”

“Heartmade story inspired by Turkish people”

Ahmet Güleç highlighted the decade-long adoption of the motto ‘Turkish furniture is a global brand’ within the sector, emphasizing four key factors contributing to the success of the Turkish furniture industry. Güleç articulated, “Our remarkable entrepreneurial drive, adaptable production capacity, skilled labor force, and favorable geographical positioning serve as fundamental pillars for success. These distinctions collectively form the groundwork for prosperity. Today, we stand here fueled by the ambition to extend this success to the international stage. As a nation, we approach our endeavors with passion, commitment, and selflessness. It’s ingrained in our DNA. We are a people driven by emotions. When we engage in a task with passion and love… No one can rival us in that pursuit. We’ve developed a digital outlook to unite Turkish furniture, crafted with heartfelt dedication, with the global market, culminating in the establishment of a digital platform under this brand name.”

“All stakeholders in the sector will be included in the platform”

Emphasizing that transcends being a mere website, Güleç stated, “It stands as a digital platform meticulously crafted through the latest advancements in technology, design, and marketing worldwide. Here, we extend an opportunity to all stakeholders within our sector to articulate their identity in the most compelling manner possible, with the aim of showcasing the heartfelt craftsmanship inherent in Turkish furniture to the global stage.” Güleç elaborated that Heartmade Furniture will unite all stakeholders of the Turkish furniture industry under a single platform, emphasizing, “For our platform members, it will embody an educational, guiding, equitable, and competition-encouraging content framework, with a strong emphasis on originality. Furthermore, our members will have the platform to expound upon their companies, brands, workforce, products, concepts, philosophies, and values. Moreover, this brand will serve as a gateway for the global audience to gain deeper insights into and embrace Turkish furniture, bolstered by quality content and the digital realm’s influence. This initiative will significantly heighten competition in the domestic market, further propelling the advancement of Turkish furniture and positioning our sector prominently on the global stage.”

“In our future vision for this initiative,” expressed Ahmet Güleç, “we aim to establish a quality assurance seal for our furniture. Manufacturers will dedicate their efforts to enhancing design, quality, and technology to gain global recognition through this seal. When consumers encounter this seal, whether in domestic or international markets, they will immediately associate it with superior product quality. This, in turn, fosters trust and prompts individuals to recommend sealed products based on their positive experiences, expanding our reach and market share. Additionally, it will unite manufacturers who excel in production and design under one roof on the global stage, propelling Turkish brands to international prominence collectively. As you are aware, our sector particularly thrives during the fair season. Through the Heartmade Furniture platform, our participation in both domestic and foreign fairs will enable people to swiftly grasp our project and understand our products. Consequently, we will effectively advertise in both domestic and foreign markets, supported by advertisements, promotional films, and news coverage.”

“We realise the most widespread exports of the country with 200 customs points”

Ahmet Güleç highlighted the transformation of their sector, noting that they have evolved from exporting merely 30 percent of their production five years ago to almost 50 percent today. He stated, “Currently, we stand as the most extensive exporting sector in the nation, boasting 200 customs points. Our annual production reaches 10 billion dollars, with an average export value of 5 billion dollars. It is within our capability to enhance both production and export capacity. Leveraging our market diversity advantage, we can swiftly adapt to new markets and fulfill expectations.”