Ahmet Güleç; Actions should be taken according to the budget

As the wedding season kicks off, there’s a surge in activity at furniture outlets. Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, urged soon-to-be-married couples to stick to their budgets when furniture shopping and advised against straying from their preferred style.

As hundreds of thousands of couples tie the knot each year in Turkey, the majority of weddings occur, particularly during the spring and summer months. As couples seek to furnish their homes before their big day, furniture stores witness a surge in visitors, prompting the sector to ramp up production to meet demand. Ahmet Güleç, President of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), noted that the conclusion of uncertainties following the end of the election process has allowed the sector to shift its focus towards the future. He stated, “With the resolution of uncertainties, our attention is now firmly set on the summer season. Currently, our sector representatives are catering to the bustling demand from newlyweds by offering top-quality products. Manufacturers have diligently stocked up during this period to ensure seamless product availability for consumers. We hope that the wedding season, which drives domestic market activity, will prove prosperous for all our producers.”

The Era of Filling Houses with Furniture is Over

Ahmet Güleç, who also offered advice to couples planning to marry, suggested, “When purchasing furniture, I advise them to prioritize their budgets. However, it’s equally crucial that they select furniture in styles that resonate with their preferences. Often, they may be influenced by their parents’ preferences while shopping for furniture. Nonetheless, since they will be the ones residing in that home, I recommend that they seek to craft spaces where they’ll find happiness within their budget constraints. Frequently, we observe a custom-fit scenario, wherein they align with the tastes of their parents.”

Emphasizing that home decoration doesn’t necessitate excessive furniture, Ahmet Güleç remarked, “Purchase furniture that brings you joy and aligns with your tastes, but avoid overcrowding every corner of your home with furnishings. Strive to establish serene, elegant spaces. Nowadays, people experience significant mental exhaustion. This mental weariness leads to physical fatigue. Even a simple activity like sitting on the grass can provide comfort when experiencing physical fatigue. The furniture chosen to alleviate physical fatigue stemming from mental exhaustion undoubtedly influences one’s quality of life. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the appropriate furniture.”