The World Furniture Sector is Waiting For This Fair!

Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF), which is recognised as Europe’s largest sectoral meeting and hosts business people from more than 150 countries every year with its brand value, accelerated its activities for 2024. Organised with the support of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), in cooperation with MOS Fuarcılık and Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık, the new term goal of the fair is to exceed the 2023 figures in terms of visitors and business volume.

The Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF), an annual event that stands as one of the foremost gatherings in the global furniture industry and attracts key players within Turkey, has intensified its preparations for 2024. Held concurrently at both the Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre and the Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM) due to its extensive scale, the fair significantly contributes to Turkey’s ambition of ranking among the world’s top 5 furniture producers. It offers participating companies the opportunity to engage with industry professionals from various countries, facilitating their global outreach. Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, announced the 2024 calendar for the fair with the statement, “The heart of the world furniture industry will beat in Istanbul for six days between January 23rd and 28th, 2024.” He expressed satisfaction with the growing demand for the fair, stating, “In addition to hosting the largest industry gathering in Europe each year, it’s gratifying to see the ongoing increase in demand for our fair. We continue to set new records in terms of both exhibitors and visitors. As the Turkish furniture sector, we are tirelessly striving to rank among the world’s top 5 furniture-producing nations. We are confident that, through our fair and international trade events, we will achieve this goal alongside our manufacturers.”

Target Nearly 200 Thousand Visitors

In 2023, the Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF) welcomed a total of 167,500 visitors, including 25,764 individuals from 156 countries. The aim for 2024 is to increase this number to 200,000 attendees. The fair, which spanned an expansive area of 260,000 square meters across 28 halls in two exhibition centers, along with additional tents erected to accommodate high demand, is anticipated to surpass its 2023 performance. Over the course of six days, it is expected to generate billions of dollars in business volume. Ahmet Güleç highlighted the signing of significant business agreements during or following the event, stating, “Based on feedback from our attendees, 90 percent of those who visited the fair in 2023 expressed their intention to return in 2024. Moreover, 93 percent of them indicated overall satisfaction with the fair. We are committed to enhancing our offerings based on feedback from both visitors and exhibitors. The Turkish furniture sector continuously enhances its design and product quality, a trait that positions us among the top four countries globally in terms of product diversity. Through events such as the Istanbul Furniture Fair and our participation in international exhibitions, we take pride in representing our country on a global scale.”