The furniture sector has been mobilized with the wedding season

The furniture sector has been mobilized with the wedding season

As one of the key industries in the Turkish economy, the furniture sector gained momentum with the start of the wedding season.  Those preparing for marriage flocked to furniture manufacturers, with bedroom and living room sets receiving the most interest. Ahmet Güleç, MOSFED Chair, mentioned that the installment limitation on credit cards for furniture has been challenging for both producers and newly married couples. He reiterated his call to extend the installment application for credit cards to sectors with high product unit prices, such as furniture. 

With the opening of the wedding season, the furniture sector has mobilized in the domestic market. Couples preparing for marriage began visiting furniture stores to find the most suitable dowry products for their budgets. Ahmet Güleç, Chair of the Federation of Furniture Associations – MOSFED, commented on the situation, saying, “Every summer season, the domestic market starts to move. Couples preparing for weddings have started visiting furniture stores to choose the most suitable furniture for their budgets and design preferences.  Our manufacturers offer various sets and discounts accordingly. Naturally, living room and bedroom sets attract the most attention.  Consumers prioritize comfort and elegance as well as affordability in their new furniture. The marriage season is important for our sector, especially for domestic market mobility.”

Dowry Preparations Started

Ahmet Güleç advised couples to support local producers while shopping, stating, “It is very important for couples to prefer local producers for the development of our economy and our country.  We are one of the four countries in the world capable of producing in all furniture groups. We also stand out with design, quality, and comfort. With the support of our people, our sector will develop further. Furniture products are not changed very often, so my advice to newly married couples is to scrutinize and choose products that they feel comfortable with. Additionally, consumers who are moving or renovating their homes generally prefer the summer season to manage these processes more easily. We recommend they pay attention to simplicity and efficiency of use for the new furniture they will buy. The trend of the future is now simplicity, and manufacturers are also focused on this.” 

Furniture Manufacturers Increase Production Volume

Thanks to its dynamic structure, the Turkish furniture sector is increasing its production volume every day by adapting to changing national and global conditions. Highlighting that the furniture sector employs 250 thousand people on the industrial side with approximately 50 thousand manufacturers, Güleç said, “Economic fluctuations in the world, crises between countries, and problems in raw material supply affect us as they do many other sectors.  For this reason, we had a very difficult year in 2023, but we made a good start to 2024 with our dynamic structure. We are working with all our strength, together with all our manufacturers, to reach our targeted point. Our furniture manufacturers are constantly increasing their production volumes. With the fairs and various trade events that will take place throughout the year, we want to complete 2024 in a good way and make a considerable contribution to our country’s economy.”

Credit Card Installment Limitation Creates Difficulties

Reminding that the installment limitations imposed on credit cards have forced the furniture sector, Ahmet Güleç said, “Furniture is not something that is changed frequently. Most consumers use the products they buy for 5-10 years, maybe more. Furniture prices are somewhat high due to global inflation and raw material prices. For this reason, the installment limitation applied to credit cards forces both consumers and producers. Consumers either postpone their shopping or spread it over time. At this point, we demand that the number of installments be extended, at least for sectors with high product unit prices such as furniture. In this way, our contribution to the economy of our country will be more.”