The countdown has started for Istanbul Furniture Fair Furniture trends of 2024 are at Istanbul Furniture Fair!

  • Sustainability, functionality, technology and natural materials under the same roof

The International Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF), recognized as the world’s third-largest furniture event, will commence on Tuesday, January 23, featuring over 3,000 domestic and international brands. Over the six-day event, 2024 furniture designs will be showcased to approximately 200,000 buyers, with 30,000 expected to come from overseas.

Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, highlighted that the 2024 designs, focusing on the sub-theme of returning to nature, functionality, and sustainability, will exhibit timeless qualities through their lines, colors, textures, and patterns. He remarked, “We anticipate numerous new collaborations to emerge and a transaction volume of $3 billion to be generated at the fair. Our aim is to enhance the global perception of Turkish furniture and contribute to exports through this event.”

The International Istanbul Furniture Fair (IIFF), scheduled for January 23-28, 2024, with the backing of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED) in collaboration with Tüyap Fuarcılık and MOS Fuarcılık, is anticipated to draw a total of 200,000 industry professionals, including 30,000 foreigners. As the countdown continues for this event, recognized as the world’s third-largest furniture gathering and the largest in Europe, MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç shared insights into the themes and trends awaiting buyers from 156 countries worldwide.

The 2024 furniture designs, set to be showcased across 26 halls at the Istanbul Expo Centre and Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre, will prominently feature a return to nature, functionality, and sustainability. These designs will exude an elegant yet timeless aura through their lines, colors, textures, and patterns.

Calm Tones and Bright Colours Together in Furniture

Highlighting that soft curves and natural shapes will take precedence in 2024, Ahmet Güleç remarked, “As Coco Chanel famously said, ‘Fashion changes, but style endures.’ The designs of 2024 will offer individuals the opportunity to craft their desired style within their living spaces. We can anticipate a significant influence from the 1960s style in these designs. Alongside geometric vintage, art deco, and floral motifs, textured glass and ceramics will also make a statement. Regarding colors, earthy tones inspired by nature will dominate to evoke a sense of tranquility, comfort, and spaciousness, while vibrant hues will retain their prominence. Furthermore, vintage-inspired shades like mustard yellow, tan, blush pinks, and terracotta, as well as bold tones such as red, cobalt, blue, magenta, and violet, will captivate attention with their striking appearances.”

In 2024, Silver, Chrome, Aluminium Details and Wood Furniture will Stand Out

Emphasizing the ongoing prevalence of textiles that blend softness, sophistication, and beauty in furniture, Ahmet Güleç remarked, “Following the prevalence of brass in the past decade, we anticipate a growing inclination toward silver tones starting in 2024. Alongside the minimalist allure of chrome, evoking a sense of luxury, aluminum stands out for its sustainability. In furniture crafted from dark wood, the timeless quality reflected in colors, lines, and patterns will become even more prominent.”

Small Spaces Are Now Bigger with Natural, Operational and Intelligent Storage Solutions

Ahmet Güleç emphasized the growing preference for sustainable and eco-friendly products in home decor, highlighting the trend topics to be featured at the fair. “Today, environmental consciousness holds significant importance, making it essential to promote energy-efficient designs utilizing recycled materials to minimize carbon footprint. As such, numerous options, particularly cork and recycled wood, will be prominent at the fair. Incorporating materials like wood, stone, leather, and organic fabrics will impart a cozy, welcoming, and natural ambiance to spaces. With the rise of remote and hybrid work setups, homes now double as offices, accentuating the importance of functionality. Foldable and adaptable designs capable of catering to diverse needs and maximizing available space are gaining popularity. Expect to see furniture that enhances the functionality of compact living spaces with ingenious storage solutions. Additionally, in our digital era, integrating indoor furniture with technology is crucial, as smart devices streamline our daily routines.” The International Istanbul Furniture Fair is scheduled to take place across all 26 halls of the Istanbul Expo Centre and the Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre. At the Istanbul Expo Centre, visitors can explore a diverse range of products including Modern-Modular, Bed-Base, Garden Furniture, Office-School Furniture, and Accessories. Meanwhile, the Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre will showcase Modern-Modular Furniture, Luxury Furniture, as well as Children and Young Room products.