IIFF2024 saw the arrival of 144,196 experts hailing from 152 nations to Istanbul.

The IIFF International Istanbul Furniture Fair, recognized as one of the top three esteemed furniture events globally and the largest within Turkey’s industry-specific exhibitions, attracted 144,196 attendees from 152 nations in total.

Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, noted that the fair, held across all 26 halls at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre and Istanbul Expo Centre (IFM), featured almost 1000 companies showcasing over 3000 brands. Güleç emphasized that the fair facilitated the establishment of new business deals valued at billions of dollars.

The General Manager of TÜYAP Fuarlar Yapım A.Ş., İlhan Ersözlü, revealed that the organization’s 2025 agenda, vital for Turkey’s economy, has been finalized. Ersözlü highlighted that IIFF2025, renowned as Turkey’s foremost global brand event, will commence with enhanced participation from January 21st to 26th.

The conclusion of IIFF 2024 marks the end of one of the world’s top three esteemed furniture events, now in its third edition. Nearly 1000 companies showcased over 3000 brands at the fair, simultaneously held at both the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center and the Istanbul Fair Center, spanning a vast total area of 260 thousand square meters. Over the course of six days, the exhibition garnered significant attention from industry professionals both domestically and internationally. The combined footfall across both venues reached 144,196 visitors, including 25,364 from foreign countries.

Target Figure 12 Billion Dollars in Furniture

Reflecting on the International Istanbul Furniture Fair, Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, expressed satisfaction with the considerable interest shown in an event that promotes and amplifies the narrative of Turkish furniture globally. Güleç outlined the sector’s future objectives and the fair’s role, stating: “The furniture industry, which exports nearly half of its $12 billion production, stands as a remarkable success story in Turkey. Our exports, which amounted to $250 million in 2001, surged to nearly $5 billion by 2022 and 2023. With a more than twentyfold increase in exports, the furniture sector has demonstrated exceptional performance, setting itself apart from other sectors during this period. As a sector, we have ascended from 36th place in the global export rankings to 7th place in 2023. Our aim is to break into the top 5 in global furniture exports by 2028, with a target of increasing exports to $12 billion. The International Istanbul Furniture Fair has evolved into a prestigious global event, playing a pivotal role in realizing our future aspirations.”

Istanbul Became the Meeting Centre of Furniture

Güleç highlighted that Istanbul served as the focal point of the global furniture industry for six days, with a total of 144,196 attendees from 152 countries converging for the fair. He remarked, “Presently, Turkish furniture graces homes in 200 countries worldwide. We are augmenting our prowess in quality and design through continuous investments. Over 20 thousand out of our 45 thousand furniture manufacturers engage in exports. As a sector, we contribute to employing 5 percent of the manufacturing workforce. We believe our sector warrants special attention. With the growth in production and exports, Turkey stands to benefit further. Being predominantly domestic, with 80 percent of production occurring locally, we have amassed a foreign trade surplus totalling $35 billion over the past two decades. Establishing a brand presence globally will reinforce our production and export capabilities. Consequently, we are diligently collaborating with all stakeholders to enhance the IIFF International Istanbul Furniture Fair.”

Great Contribution to Furniture Sector Exports from Tüyap and Mos Fuarcılık

Highlighting the widespread interest garnered by the fair, İlhan Ersözlü, General Manager of TÜYAP Fairs Construction Co., remarked, “Through our collaboration with Tüyap Fair, MOS Fair, and MOSFED, we strive to make the greatest contribution to our country’s furniture sector’s production and export targets. We extend our gratitude to the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED), MOS Fuarcılık, all furniture associations, and exhibitors for their invaluable contributions. With buyers from 152 countries attending the fair to engage with our manufacturers for future collaborations, we hope for fruitful outcomes.” Ersözlü further noted the presence of industry professionals from 152 countries, particularly from the USA, Germany, England, France, and Belgium, emphasizing the high acclaim received by the showcased 2024 furniture models.