CIFF- Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China

As MOSFED, we participated in the CIFF 2015 China International Furniture Fair, which brings together furniture manufacturers, exporters and buyers from all over the world, under the coordination of the Istanbul Exporters’ Association. CIFF 2015, the world’s first furniture fair held for the 35th time, is built on 680 thousand m2 area and is a platform where classical and modern home furniture, office, kitchen, garden furniture, raw materials, furniture accessories and home textile products are exhibited.


On the first day of the fair, the national participation pavilion is visited by T.C. Guangzhou Consul General Mr Batu Kemen and T.C. Guangzhou Commercial Attaches Mr Hasan Kose and Mr Hüsnü Tamer Erkan. At the CIFF 2015 Fair, Turkish furniture was represented by 27 leading companies in Hall 1.1, on an area of 2,500 m2.

Ahmet GÜLEÇ, Board Chairman of the Board of Management, and Eyüp Vural AYDIN, Secretary-General, attended the fair on behalf of MOSFED. Ahmet GÜLEÇ also gave a speech devoted to the evaluation of the Turkish furniture industry.

Furniture China, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

MOSFED made its second China expedition to Shanghai, this time representing the Turkish furniture industry, after Guangzhou, the world’s largest furniture fair. National participation was provided in Shanghai Furniture China, one of the world’s largest furniture fairs, built on an area of 750,000 m2, with 10 Turkish companies exhibiting their furniture on an area of 1000 m2.

MOSFED did not leave our furniture dealers alone during the fair and introduced the 3rd World Furniture Congress, which would be hosted by both CNRIMOB2016 and MOSFED.

Algeria Trade Delegation Participation

MOSFED took part with our furniture manufacturers in the trade delegation organized by 18 cluster member companies to Alge, the capital of Algeria, between 21st-25th February 2015, within the scope of the Marmara Furniture Union Aggregation (MARMOB) UR-GE project.

Saloni Milan Fair

Our federation did not leave our furniture dealers alone during the visit organized within the scope of the Turquality project for Saloni Milano Fair, one of the biggest fairs in Europe and, promoted CNRIMOB2016.

INDEX Dubai UR-GE Participation

MOSFED represented the furniture industry with 8 cluster member companies participating in the INTERPROMOB UR-GE project for the INDEX fair held in Dubai between 18th-21st May 2015 and promoted CNRIMOB2016.

India UR-GE Exhibition Participation

MOSFED participated in the 27th INDEX Fair, held in Mumbai, India, between 15th-18th October 2015, together with 15 UR-GE project cluster members, and had the opportunity to promote CNRIMOB2016.

33. MODEF Expo – İnegöl

MODEF EXPO, held for the 32nd time in İnegöl between 4th-8th November 2014, hosted 2,354 foreign guests from 59 different countries and 15,034 visitors from 77 provinces across the country, including 10,704 professionals and 1,976 guests with tickets. World-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid participated in the design workshop named “Atölye İnegöl” organized within the scope of the fair and shared his views on “design” with Turkish furniture dealers and designers.

MOSFED has been there as the largest organization representing the will of İnegöl furniture manufacturers.

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