Furniture Associations Federation MOSFED was established in 2014 as the “Umbrella Organization” of the furniture industry. In a short period of time, many associations representing our industry became members of our Federation. Today, we operate as an institution that gathers a wide production and sales network from north to south, east to west, and is the voice of 36 thousand furniture manufacturers and 60 thousand furniture merchandisers.

Our main goal is to bring the furniture industry together, regardless of sub-sector, region, or field of ​​expertise. The furniture industry has undergone a significant change and development in recent years. It makes a name for itself around the world and creates a story unique to its own style. When we take a quick look at our industry:

The furniture industry is the customer of almost every branch of the industry, which exports 3.5 billion dollars today and has had foreign trade surplus every year since 2002 without exception. It is the most common exporting sector by exporting to 21200 spots. In 2020, it ascended 6 places among the top exporting countries in the world and became the 8th country in the ranking of the largest exporters.

The target for 2023 is to be among the top 5 exporters, to realize exports of 10 billion dollars and production of 25 billion dollars.

The furniture industry has great potential. Institutionalization and the sector carrying out activities under a roof for consolidated targets has great importance for Turkish Furniture, which has the potential of developing its ability to become a brand in the world.

Within this scope, MOSFED, on behalf of what our industry needs the most; R&D, innovation, collecting and sharing information, following the developments in the world closely and making theoretical and practical studies that will make Turkey an important center and attraction in furniture; MOSFED has recently established the Furniture Research Institute and commenced the services rapidly.

Again, our industry, which has been participating in not only the fairs of our country but also of Europe for years, expanding the unity, solidarity, and cooperation approach that it has started in other fields to the furniture fair, decided to organize the International Istanbul Furniture Fair itself as a sector, and in this direction, the MOSFED fair organization company has been brought to life.

MOSFED plans all its activities in line with the 2023 targets of the furniture industry in coordination with its Member Associations and pulls out all the stops to become one of the top five furniture countries in the world with $25 billion in production and $10 billion in exports.

I would like to express my gratitude to our Federation, which has brought the sector together since its establishment, has carried out works that will add value to the sector, voices sector problems to the relevant authorities in almost every circle, coordinates and carries out relations with the public on important issues concerning the sector, and also contributes to the preparation of sector strategies at every stage, and to everyone who contributed during and after the stage, the esteemed President and Management Institutions of our Member Associations, all our member companies, and all furniture sector representatives.

Board Chairman of MOSFED


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