3 Thousand Brands Will Be At IIFF 2024 With Their Latest Products


160 Thousand Buyers Registered for the Fair

The countdown has commenced for the highly anticipated Istanbul International Furniture Fair, the foremost gathering in the Turkish furniture sector. Over 1000 companies are slated to partake in the event, showcasing a total of 3000 brands. Registration numbers indicate that 160 thousand industry professionals and buyers are expected to attend, a figure projected to surpass 200 thousand. MOSFED President Ahmet Güleç emphasized, “Each year, we not only unveil sector innovations to visitors worldwide but also facilitate opportunities for new collaborations among our manufacturers.”

Preparations are in full swing for the Istanbul International Furniture Fair (IIFF2024), recognized as Europe’s largest sectoral gathering. Over 1000 companies, representing the driving force behind the promotional and marketing endeavors of Turkish furniture, with an annual production volume of $12 billion and exports nearing $5 billion, will participate alongside more than 3000 brands. Alongside Turkish furniture manufacturers showcasing their latest products and designs, companies from Malaysia, India, Germany, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Russia, and America will join with both national and individual participation.

Scheduled to take place between January 23rd and 28th, 2024, with the support of the Federation of Furniture Associations (MOSFED) in collaboration with Tüyap Fuarcılık and MOS Fuarcılık, the fair anticipates a total attendance of 200 thousand industry professionals, including 30 thousand foreigners.

160 Thousand Visitors Registered

Ahmet Güleç, President of MOSFED, shared his thoughts on the Istanbul International Furniture Fair, which he hailed as the paramount gathering for Turkey’s furniture manufacturers: “This event, which we have meticulously organized for many years, holds a special place in our hearts and within our sector. Annually, we unveil the latest innovations from our sector to visitors worldwide, while also fostering new collaborations for our manufacturers. Following our immensely productive fair, our manufacturers establish agreements that extend throughout the year, directly bolstering our exports. Turkey is continuously enhancing its design and product quality, elevating standards to new heights. Therefore, we anticipate our 2024 event to be exceptionally fruitful.”

Ahmet Güleç underscored that the Istanbul International Furniture Fair is the result of year-long meticulous planning and revealed that they have received 160,000 visitor registrations thus far. He remarked, “With two months remaining until the fair, we have already garnered 160,000 registrations from both domestic and international buyers. We aim to surpass our target of 200,000 attendees.” Anticipating the presence of numerous business professionals from Europe and America, Ahmet Güleç mentioned that members of the European Furniture Industry Confederation-EFIC Board of Directors are also expected to attend the fair.

New Export Target 12 Billion

Emphasizing their aspiration to become the leading global furniture manufacturer and exporter, Ahmet Güleç remarked, “Currently, our furniture graces homes across 200 countries. Our ambition is to rank among the top 5 manufacturers worldwide, ensuring that the design and quality of Turkish furniture are embraced in all markets we serve. We are diligently working towards our 2028 vision, particularly in collaboration with our ministry. With the knowledge, resources, and determination within our sector, we are confident in achieving our targeted $12 billion export goal by 2028.”

The Istanbul International Furniture Fair will occupy all 26 halls of the Istanbul Expo Centre and Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre. At the Istanbul Expo Centre, visitors can explore a variety of products, including Modern-Modular, Bed-Base, Garden Furniture, Office-School Furniture, and Accessories. Meanwhile, Tüyap Fair and Congress Centre will showcase Modern-Modular Furniture, Luxury Furniture, and Children and Young Room products.