MOSFED III. Extraordinary General Assembly

MOSFED III. Extraordinary General Assembly

MOSFED III. Extraordinary General Assembly was held in Istanbul. Ahmet Güleç restored trust once again.

The umbrella organization of the furniture industry, the Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED)’s III. Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting was held in Istanbul. Ahmet Güleç was elected as MOSFED Board Chairman by receiving all the votes.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019

The 3rd Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Furniture Associations Federation (MOSFED), which works hard to bring the Turkish furniture industry to the place it deserves, was held on Saturday, 23rd March 2019 at Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel. Ahmet Güleç, who received all the votes at the meeting, was re-elected president.

Güleç: We are working to reach our export target of 10 billion dollars in 2023.

Addressing the delegates at the extraordinary general assembly, MOSFED Board Chairman Ahmet Güleç expressed his happiness to be re-elected as the Board chairman of MOSFED and said that they would continue to work for Turkish furniture to become a world brand as before. In his speech, Güleç underlined the reason for the emergence of the federation; the difficult conditions in which it survived; and its importance in the sector; and stated that in the new period, projects would be focused on increasing exports even more. Telling the story of the Turkish furniture industry’s development to its current position, Güleç said, “At the start of the 2000s, as the industry, we had 180 million dollars of exports in return for 220 million dollars of imports at that time while the infrastructure for exports was being prepared. Since 2002, we have experienced a growth of more than 10 times in production and exports. Today, we have become the 13th largest producer in the world, an exporter that compels the top 10, and a competitive sector that exports 30 percent of its production. At this point, our goal is quite clear; reaching the export target of 4 billion dollars in 2019 and 10 billion dollars in 2023”.

Güleç: We, as the industry, are writing our story.

Stating that the Turkish furniture industry wants to be one of the top 5 furniture exporters in the world, Güleç said that they are working to get a 2.5 percent share from the world market. Stating that the number of companies exporting to one country was 8697 in 2017, and it increased to 9527 in 2018, Güleç said, “As an industry, we must produce, develop ideas, and export together. What we need most is not to bring each other down with futile discussions; but to unite our strengths to produce and turn to export-oriented projects, which is a national duty. At this point, we must bring our micro workshops, which are more in number, to stable production. We should start the institutionalization and branding process of our stable production companies. We should raise the companies that have just started the branding process to the national brand level. As an industry, we are writing our own story. In China, the German journalist talks about the increase in Turkish furniture exports to Germany. Now the world is watching us, following us. They see Turkish furniture as a global competitor. We also need to prepare for this new global competition wind that will bluster. Therefore, we have already started to examine the sustainable economy principles adopted by the United Nations. Choosing seven items from the UN’s targets, we begin to explain that we produce following these items in all our activities. These are; Quality Education, Gender Equality, Accessible and Clean Energy, Decent Economic Growth, Responsible Production and Consumption, Strong Institutionalization, Stakeholder Cooperation for Goals. Tomorrow, we will take our measures to prevent the Turkish furniture from losing its competitiveness due to issues such as child labor, gender inequality, environmental insensitivity, irresponsible consumption, and production.”.

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